The FIA has responded to the threat of the teams of Formula 1, apply to the court about the deal with the Ferrari

ФИА отреагировала на угрозы команд Формулы-1 подать в суд по поводу сделки с "Феррари"

The international Federation of motor racing (FIA) on its website published an official statement on the subject of the agreement with Ferrari in terms of engine design of the season 2019.

“The FIA has conducted a detailed technical analysis engine “Ferrari”, as in the case of all other participants. Extensive and thorough research in the course of the season-2019 aroused suspicion that the engine “Ferrari” can be considered as not conforming to the regulations. Ferrari firmly opposed the allegations and stressed that the motor is fully consistent with the regulations. FIA was not completely satisfied with this, but decided that further action does not necessarily have to have consequences because of the complexity of the case and inability to provide irrefutable evidence of a breach of the rules.

To avoid negative effects from long-term trials, especially in light of the uncertainty of the outcome of such processes, acting in the interests of the League and its owners, the FIA in accordance with article 4 of the Disciplinary code, decided to make effective and persuasive agreement with Ferrari to discontinue the proceedings.

This type of agreement – the legal instrument that is considered an essential component of any judicial system and applied by many public authorities and other sports federations in the course of dispute resolution.

The confidentiality of the terms of the agreement provided in article 4 of the Disciplinary code.

FIA will take all necessary measures to protect the sport and its reputation as a regulator Formula 1″, – is told in statement FIA.

On the eve of the seven teams of Formula 1, not using engines Ferrari has threatened to sue, accusing the parties of colluding.