The FIFA President addressed the fans in connection with the coronavirus

Президент ФИФА обратился к болельщикам в связи с коронавирусом

Gianni Infantino

The President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino addressed the fans in pandemic coronavirus.

“We simply must do everything to protect fans, players, coaches and all others who are involved in football. The authorities intend to do what’s necessary to protect the population from the virus.

The world football community showed solidarity and unity in the face of this threat, and we must do the same. We have to think about all the moments that we faced, for the future of our game – Infantino interview quoted by Sky Sports

FIFA will maintain regular contacts with all stakeholders during this difficult period and try to find solutions in a spirit of cooperation at all levels. Health and sports solidarity should be the key factors that will determine the decision making in this important moment.

The football community will correspond to large values of our sport. Let’s remember that sport in General and football in particular can, and I believe that will play a big role in rebuilding our world, as soon as we return to normal life,” said the functionary.