The film “Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix claims to be the most important award in the world

Studio Warnеr Bros. intends to achieve the coveted film awards in almost all major categories.

Фильм «Джокер» с Хоакином Фениксом претендует на самую главную премию в мире

The sensational tape “the Joker” with Hoakina Phoenix, which received the main award of the Venice film festival, and will compete for the main prize in the world of cinema, “the Oscar-2020”.

Warner Bros. advanced drama J. B. – “the Joker” on competition “Oscar” in 16 main categories of 24.

In particular, it is assumed that the picture will be able to compete in the categories “best film, best Director, best male role” (Joaquin Phoenix), “best actor in a supporting role” (Robert De Niro), “best female role of the second plan “(ZAZ Bitts).

Also, the Studio pushed the tape in all the technical categories, from “best special effects” to “the best installation”.

However, in what category will get the tape will decide the members of the American Academy until January 13, 2020.

We will remind, not so long ago the applicants on “Oscar” nominated film Studio Sony and the streaming platform Netflix. So, with Joaquin Phoenix for the right to have a statue can compete with Leonardo DiCaprio for his role in the film “Once in Hollywood” Matthew Reeves (“a Beautiful day in the neighborhood”), Jonathan Pryce (“Two dads”) and Robert Pattinson for his starring role in the film “lighthouse”.