The filmmaker from new York took horror in a Zoom for $0: the movie topped the American box office

Many things can happen during a pandemic — low-budget movie “Unsubscribe” (Unsubscribe) American Director, Christian Nilsson topped the U.S. box office after it was shown in an empty cinema. This writes Meduza.

Режиссер из Нью-Йорка снял хоррор в Zoom за $0: фильм возглавил американский кинопрокат

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Christian Nilsson said in Facebook that the idea of becoming the leader of the film came to him during a conversation with Eric Tobacco, actor and blogger who lived in Moscow and currently resides in Philadelphia. They joked that any movie will appear in cinemas during a pandemic, will lead to rent. Nilsson and Tobacco decided to take advantage of this loophole and made a plan: they decided to rent a cinema to keep every dollar from ticket sales, and to return the money spent.

Nilsson, per day wrote the script of a horror movie, during the week it was made in the program for video calls Zoom. The plot of five tuberov join a video call, after which they starts to pursue a mysterious Internet Troll. The film’s budget, according to the Director, amounted to zero dollars.

When the film was ready, Nilsson and Tobacco took a cinema in the town Westhampton beach in the state of new York, bought every spectator place, and then on June 10 showed “Unsubscribe” in the empty audience.

This trick allowed the filmmakers to take first place at the box office in the United States — a message appeared on the website The Numbers. It says “Unsubscribe” topped rentals with fees of $25 488. After that, the information about the training camp of the film appeared in a respectable box office tracker Box Office Mojo.

For those who don’t have time to watch the movie in theaters, Christian Nilsson has published it on Vimeo.


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