The financing of the Ukrainian biathlon from the state budget reduced in 10 times, – the President of the Federation

Финансирование украинского биатлона из госбюджета сократили в 10 раз, - президент Федерации

Vladimir Brynzak

The President of the biathlon Federation of Ukraine (FBU) Vladimir Brynzak shared plans regarding the national team preparation for the new season. Because very soon need to start pre-season training camp in order to approach the pre-Olympic winter.

While sports officials foresee serious problems facing the Ukrainian biathlon.

This process can negatively impact the budget cuts from the state, says project Manager brynzak.

“Fees outside of Ukraine while planning is impossible, because it is not yet clear when and in what ways will the opening of borders. And the whole situation with the pandemic coronavirus have made radical changes in the process training team. Let’s start with the fact that after making changes to the state budget for this year of 50 million planned earlier, now we are left with only 4.5 million That we can plan with this budget? It is clear that now have to prepare only in Ukraine. But talking about a full-fledged training in such conditions is not necessary”, – quotes the President of the FBI

“Plus, with the economic difficulties caused by the pandemic, the company JETS have been warned about the suspension of their sponsorship obligations for a period of one year. Also a big question and support from other sponsors. In short, the season will be difficult and will work in very tough conditions,” anticipates the situation Brynzak.