The first Committee of the UN rejected the offer of Russia to transfer his work from the USA (PHOTO)

The first Committee of the UN General Assembly on disarmament voted on Friday against Russia’s proposal to consider the possibility of transferring his work from the US if the UN and Washington will not solve the visa problems of Russian attendees. In support of this proposal on Friday in favor of 18 countries, 69 voted against and 72 abstained, reports TASS.

For the resolution, together with Russia were made by China, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Serbia, Syria, Iran, several Latin American countries and African countries.

Russia, in particular, offered to ask the UN Secretary-General, “in the absence of progress, by 1 April 2020 a report on alternative places of session of the First Committee of 2020, including the Geneva or Vienna, and if there are any budget implications” of the UN.

Co-authors of the document with Russia were Angola, Burundi, Nicaragua, Syria. Introducing the document, zampolpreda Russia to the UN office in Geneva Andrei Belousov said Moscow took into account the concerns of a number of countries and proposed to adjust its original version and to prescribe a phased approach to solving the problem.

“I played the role of vigilance States who either abstained or did not participate in the voting”, – said Belousov the results of the meeting in an interview with reporters. Not expressed its position on the ballot in 33 countries.

The representative of Finland, speaking on behalf of the EU, and also Ukraine and Moldova, expressed the opinion that “it is not a question of the First Committee” and “does not apply to questions of increasing the efficiency” of his work.

The representative of the United States in his speech urged members to vote against the Russian initiative. “No matter the First Committee to make decisions on this issue. There the Sixth Committee (legal), he needs to discuss this subject,” he argued.

According to American diplomat, the transfer of the work of the First Committee new York “would undermine the integrity and unity of the UN General Assembly would constitute a dismemberment of the main body of the UN.” “It will also create problems for the delegations who do not have permanent mission in Vienna or Geneva,” he added.