The first goal of Malinowski not saved “Atalanta” from defeat on the field “my Teams”: video reviews of games…

Дебютный гол Малиновского не спас «Аталанту» от разгрома на поле «МанСити»: видеообзоры матчей...

On Tuesday, October 22, on the football fields of Europe held eight matches of the third round of the group stage of the Champions League, which rivals dispatched to each other 30 (!) goals.

Group A

“Brugge” (Belgium) — Paris (France) — 0:5 (Icardi, 7, 63, Mbappe, 61,79, 83).

Parisians could become the first team in the history of the Champions League, which reached the playoffs after three rounds of the group stage. To do this, the command of the German Thomas Tuchel had just himself to win in Bruges offenders Kiev “Dynamo” and wait for the draw in Istanbul. In the end, the French stadium “Jan Breydel stadium” with its task perfectly (hat-trick Mbappe!), but the “real” “pumped up”.

“Galatasaray” (Turkey) — Madrid (Spain) — 0:1 (Kroos, 18).

The winner of the Champions League 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018 real Madrid started terribly in this tournament, losing in Paris, PSG 0:3, and barely escaping from defeat in the home match against club Brugge (2:2). And then there’s last weekend came out of place first in 10 years, defeat in the championship of Spain on Mallorca (0:1).

In short, the failure in Istanbul, according to Spanish media, could cost the legendary coach of the Royal club with Zinedine Zidane’s coaching of the chair (the Frenchman has even found a “mate” — Jose Mourinho or real Madrid). And pinned to the wall real Madrid managed to beat Galatasaray up to second place in the group.

By the way, captain of real Madrid Sergio Ramos broke the record of Roberto Carlos in the number of matches in the Champions League among defenders. The assets of pillar of defense of Madrid 121 match, the Brazilian — 120. The absolute record belongs to have had a heart attack goalkeeper Casillas, who was part of the “real” and “Port” held in the tournament 177 games.

Position of commands: 1. PSG — 9 points; 2. Real Madrid — 4; 3. Brugge — 2; 4. Galatasaray — 1.


“Tottenham” (England) — “Tsrvena The Star” (Serbia) — 5:0 (Kane, 9, 72, Son Heung-Min, 16, 44, Lamela, 57).

After a dreadful home game against Bayern, which ended in ignominious defeat “Tottenham” — 2:7, wards, Mauricio Pochettino in the match against the Serbs and the choice special was not. Victory! And Londoners more than confident got, deciding all the issues in the first half.

Olympiakos (Greece) — “Bavaria” (Germany) — 2:3 (Al-Arabi, 23, Guilherme, 79 — Lewandowski, 34, 62, Tolisso, 75).

The Greeks, informed the German Grand losers of all four games with a total score of 2:14, started with the bat and took the lead, but far more skilful Bayern soon put everything in its place.

Incidentally, the author of a double in gate of Greeks Bayern striker Robert Lewandowski with 58 goals came in fifth place in the list of the best scorers in the history of the Champions League. More pole in the tournament scored only Cristiano Ronaldo (127 goals), Lionel Messi (112), Raul (71) and Karim Benzema (60).

Unfortunately, the match the finalists Olympiakos and Bayern in the framework of the UEFA youth League, held a few hours earlier, was interrupted in the 84th minute due to the excesses of the Greek fans, reports the Daily Mail. A group of fans of approximately 70 people jumped on the field with flares and bats, then attacked the German fans. The attack resulted in injuries to five people.

Дебютный гол Малиновского не спас «Аталанту» от разгрома на поле «МанСити»: видеообзоры матчей...

Дебютный гол Малиновского не спас «Аталанту» от разгрома на поле «МанСити»: видеообзоры матчей...

The match ended with the victory of the Germans 4:0, was stopped about 25 minutes and then resumed. In the remaining minutes both teams lined up on the circumference of a Central circle and just pass each other.

Olympiacos faces severe punishment from UEFA for the behaviour of fans. It is reported that the brawlers were able to get to the stadium through a back door that leads to the Parking lot.

Position of commands: 1. Bayern — 9; 2. Tottenham — 4; 3. “Tsrvena The Star” — 3; 4. Olympiakos — 1.


Shakhtar (Ukraine) — “Dynamo” (Zagreb, Croatia) — 2:2 (Linnet, 16, Dodo, 75 — Olmo, 25, of Arsic, 60, penalty).

Manchester city (England) — Atalanta (Italy) is 5:1 (Aguero, 34, 38, pen, sterling, 58, 64, 69 — Malinowski, 28, penalty). On 83 minutes, removed Golden (Manchester city).

“Ukrainian” confrontation at the Etihad stadium, unfortunately, did not happen. The defender of “my Teams” Zinchenko due to the knee damage was not included in the application for the match, but the midfielder “Atalanta” Malinowski came in the “basis” and in the middle of the first half, scored his first goal in the shirt of the Italian club. One ex-player of Shakhtar Fernandinho in the penalty area fouled Ilicic, and the other, who plays for the national team of Ukraine confidently converted the penalty.

Only here Kum Messi — Aguero — before the break sent against the team from Bergamo two goals after the break, the team of Josep Guardiola, thanks to a hat-trick of Sterling brought the matter to the defeat.

Position of commands: 1. Manchester City — 9; 2. “Shakhtar” — 4; 3. “Dinamo” — 4; 4. Atalanta — 0.

Group D

“Atletico” (Spain) — “Bayer” (Germany) — 1:0 (Morata, 78).

In 50th European match Herrera and Diego Costa, atlético extended their home unbeaten in the international arena to 12 games. Moreover, substitute the two-time winner of the Champions League in another part of the club of Madrid — Madrid — Morata not only brought Diego Simeone’s side victory, but also made a great gift for my 27 birthday.

By the way, about the “entertainment” of the match in the stadium, “Wanda Metropolitano”, a few months ago took the Champions League final, is the fact that for 90 minutes the Spaniards and the Germans struck the target each other… three hits, two owners, one for guests. Although together the players of Atletico Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen in the match was ran by EUR 236.9 kilometers.

“Juventus” (Italy) — “The Locomotive” (Russia) — 2:1 (Dibala, 77, 79 — Al. Miranchuk, 30).

They lost Cristiano Ronaldo in the squad at one stroke killed two hares: and a strong-willed victory over the Russians was celebrated, and 2 468 351 euros from the sale of tickets for the match with Lokomotiv earned.

Position of commands: 1. Atlético — 7; 2. Juventus — 7; 3. “Locomotive” — 3; 4. “Bayer” — 0.

Wednesday, October 23 in the Champions League play: “Genk” — “Liverpool”, “Salzburg” — “Napoli” (group E) “inter” — “Borussia” D., “Slavia” — FC Barcelona (group F), “Leipzig” — Zenit, Benfica — Lyon (group G), Lille — Valencia and Ajax — Chelsea (group N).


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