The first of its kind operation in Chicago doctors transplanted both lungs, the patient, recover from COVID-19

Last week in Chicago (Il) woman with COVID-19 suffered a double-lung transplant, which is believed to be the first of its kind patient with the virus. This writes Fox News.

Первая в своем роде операция: в Чикаго врачи пересадили оба легких пациентке, переболевшей COVID-19

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A woman a bit older than 20 years and is otherwise healthy, is still on a ventilator, but she’s showing signs of improvement. Surgeons at northwestern Memorial Hospital said that her lungs were in terrible condition.

The 10 hour operation was very difficult because the virus left her lungs full of holes. The doctors blame it on inflammation in connection with the coronavirus.

“I want to emphasize that this is not for every patient with COVID, said Dr. Ankit Bharat, a surgeon. We’re talking about patients who are relatively young with minimal comorbidities, with or without, with damage to the lungs that can’t breathe without a ventilator”.

The report says that the patient is still a long way to her recovery. Bharat said the woman was taken to the hospital in April, they watched her and decided that her body alone will not be able to recover the lungs.

“The whole team felt very difficult for someone to let go of trying to do everything possible,” he said.

Dr. Beth Malsin, a specialist in pulmonary and intensive care at the hospital, said: “for many days she was the most sick person. Day and night our team had to respond quickly to help her and to support her other organs to make sure they were healthy enough to support a transplant, if and when the opportunity arose. One of the most exciting moments was when the first test for coronavirus were negative and we got the first sign that she may have survived the virus, to be eligible for life-saving transplant”.

Some cities in the United States is preparing to increase the number of infected in the slow opening of the country and the recent protests over the death of George Floyd.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases, said recently that the threat from the virus is far from over.

According to the Associated Press, the incidence is increasing in nearly half the States, and this trend may increase as people return to work and face the street.

“This is a disaster that is spreading,” said Dr. Jay Butler, who oversees the organization’s response to the coronavirus to the Centers for control and disease prevention in the United States.




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