The first recorded hostile takeover this year

The developer of a platform for open data “Opendatabase” recorded the first raider attacks in 2020, according to the website of the project. Zhvat of ownership occurred when waimataitai state Registrar and private notary.

Зафиксирован первый рейдерский захват в этом году

About the discovery of the raider seizure of the company “Poftim” said its owner Oleg Smirnov, who received a notice that there was a change of owner of the company.

The new owner was a Maxim of Moses, which Smirnov did not know.

“After warning the victim went to the Ministry of justice and learned that the change of ownership was registered by the state Registrar of tspau (the Center of administrative services – ed.) WGA caves Melnikova N. With. on the basis of, as it turned out, a fake power of attorney” – said on the platform.

In “Poftim” already wrote a statement to the police and sent a complaint to the anti-raider Commission.

According to estimates, “Opendatabase”, every year in Ukraine is on average 400 raids. At the same time, starting in 2014, their number is constantly growing. Most often they happen in Kiev and Kiev region.