The first signs of blood cancer that are often ignored by patients

According to the doctors, not to pay attention to strange symptoms, it is impossible – even if they don’t indicate cancer, it could be a symptom of another disease or disorder.

Первые признаки рака крови, которые часто игнорируют больные

American oncologists told about the symptoms of blood cancer that are often ignored by people. As a result, the disease is running and is detected at later stages. One of these symptoms is a strange bruises. They can appear as a result of minor impacts, for example, a light blow or no reason. This phenomenon can be associated with a reduced level of platelets in the blood.

Another common symptom is a lack of power. If you feel that you have recently become tired of their normal Affairs, although I haven’t felt this, it is better to pass the examination. Some patients told us that they were hard even the simplest things, like cooking Breakfast or washing in the morning.

Often, patients suffer from repeated colds. This is because healthy cells can not cope with viruses and bacteria, eventually ARI and ARI become constant companions.

A more rare symptom is bleeding. They usually appear at later stages, but may be prominent symptom in the early development of blood cancer. It can be nosebleeds, bleeding gums and mucous membranes.