The first trailer of the biographical Thriller “Seeberg” with Kristen Stewart in the title role

On the official YouTube channel of Amazon Studios released the first trailer for the biographical Thriller “Seeberg” (Seberg), in which the main role was played by 29-year-old Kristen Stewart.

Вышел первый трейлер биографического триллера «Сиберг» с Кристен Стюарт в главной роли

The Director of the movie was Benedict Andrews, known to film fans for the films “a Streetcar named Desire (A Streetcar Named Desire) and “una” (Una).

The film is based on real events that occurred in the life of famous American actress of the 1960s of Jean Seberg. In the story the heroine Startupprograms shooting in the USA (for life gene worked mostly in Europe), where he meets a fighter for the rights of African Americans Hakim Jamal.

Between the married actress and activist ties up the novel. Gene starts to become closer acquainted with the life of the beloved itself becomes a supporter of the leftist organization “Black Panthers”. Their action character Kristen attracts the attention of FBI agents, who arrange for her.

Picture in which, in addition to Kristen Stewart, also played Margaret Coelli, Zazie Bitts, Anthony Mackie, Vince Vaughn, and many others, were first shown at the International film festival in Venice August 30 of this year.