The first two matches of the playoffs of the Europa League is officially cancelled due to coronavirus

Впервые два матчи плей-офф Лиги Европы официально отменены из-за коронавируса

The League Cup Of Europe

Today, to be held the first matches of 1/8 finals of the Europa League.

In particular, inter Milan was to take the “Getafe” to “San Siro”. Originally the fight was to be held behind closed doors

However, the official website of “neradzurri” reports that the match will be played at the scheduled time. The fact is that because of the epidemic of coronavirus between Spain and Italy closed to traffic.

UEFA has announced that it will report further solutions to the tangent of this match later.

In addition, for the same reason cancelled the match between Sevilla and Roma. Spain has closed air communication with Italy, and the leadership of the Roman team failed to get permission for the flight for a football match, the Spanish authorities decided not to make an exception.

Roma have notified UEFA about the situation and waiting for the official decision.

Add that to the Champions League match between FC Barcelona and SSC Napoli is also in jeopardy.