The fish were returned to the British when sailing lost the engagement ring

Рыба вернула британцу потерянное при плавании обручальное кольцо

In the British town of Penzance marine fish helped a local resident find a wedding ring that he lost while swimming, reports The Cornishman.

As told to Dan Levin, he swam along the rocky Cape and forgot to remove a wedding ring. Missing man found, after swimming 400 meters.

Frustrated man described his problem in a post in Facebook, and asked local tourists and fishermen to return the ring, if they will find it. Levin also said that the design of the ring has developed his wife, and it is extremely expensive. He admitted that he wrote the post without much hope.

However, when the next day the couple walked along the coast, they heard a loud splash. In shallow water dive little black fish, and when the pair bent down to admire it, they saw at the bottom of the missing ring.

The Briton told the story in their social networks and added that he believed in miracles.