The fisherman became famous in the network due to catching catfish on pills and Coca-Cola

Рыбак прославился в сети благодаря ловле сома на драже и Coca-Cola

The man showed an unusual method of catching catfish using menthol drops and Coca-Cola. The corresponding video to the user with the nickname shrimp binch published in Twitter.

The fisherman threw a dozen drops Mentos into a deep pit of water. Then put a chicken egg, and the top filled Coca-Cola.

After “cocktail” cooked, floats to the surface som, the man remained with his hands only to pull out a fish.

Comments revealed the secret of the trick on fishing. Apparently, the man dug a hole near the river. Raw egg has attracted a hungry fish, and the reaction of pills and the fizzy drink reduced the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. Soma began to look for a place where they will breathe, and the result was a catch.