The flu is much more dangerous to the health of Americans than Chinese coronavirus

Coronavirus epidemic, which began in the Chinese city of Wuhan, had already killed 26 people and infected more than 900 people, according to Yahoo.

Грипп намного опаснее для здоровья американцев, чем китайский коронавирус

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The virus has spread to nine other countries, including the United States.

Infected by the coronavirus of patients have these symptoms: fever, headaches, pneumonia.

But, according to experts in the field of health and the Centers for control and disease prevention (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC), influenza is a much more serious threat to the health of the US population than the coronavirus from the city of Wuhan.

Since October, about 20,000 Americans died from the flu. During a severe flu season in 2018 in the United States died, 80 000 people.

On 24 January representatives of CDC announced that the United States was identified the second person who contracted coronavirus from Wuhan.

The woman went to Wuhan (China) in late December and returned to Chicago on January 13. The news of her diagnosis came three days after a man in Washington state was infected by a virus. The public health authorities in the United States are kept under observation for at least 63 patients from 22 States.

Although the CDC believes that the coronavirus (scientific name — 2019-nCoV) is a serious health problem, but this time “a direct health risk from 2019-ncov for U.S. residents is considered low.”

Serious risk to the health of Americans (not only now but every year) — it’s the flu.

Since October, about 20 000 people in the United States died from the flu. While coronavirus has infected approximately 914 people worldwide and killed 26 people.

“When we think about the relative danger of this new coronavirus, and influenza, they simply do not go to any comparison,” said William Shaffner, an expert on vaccines from the medical center of Vanderbilt University. “The coronavirus compared to the flu is very low. The risk is minimal.”

Tens of thousands of Americans die from the flu every year.

At least 15 million Americans got the flu for the last four months, nearly a quarter of a million of them ended up in the hospital. As the flu season reaches its peak between December and February, the worst is yet to come.