The flush toilet and the single life: 8 of the strangest local taxes in the United States

The tax law States can be complex and quite unexpected. For example, did you know that in Hawaii there is a 4% tax on tourist wedding? Here are 8 of the most interesting, according to Tax Slayer, tax laws in certain U.S. States.

На смыв туалета и холостяцкую жизнь: 8 самых странных местных налогов в США

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“Blueberry tax” of Maine

According to the laws of the state of Maine, anyone who grows, buys, sells or processes wild blueberries, pays three quarters (0,75) cents per pound in taxes. Revenues from this tax in the amount of $1.5 million was used for research and educational programs to increase the harvest.

The tax on “exceptional trees” in Hawaii

If you’re gardening in Hawaii, you can pay up to $3,000 tax for the maintenance of your trees. But the tree must have historical and cultural significance. In the state of more than 1,000 “exceptional trees.”

“A tax on flushing toilets” in Maryland

Since 2004, all households are charged $2.50 to the monthly bill for water. Since 2004, the tax amounted to more than $370 million of the Money from this tax helped the state to develop better processes for water purification.

Arkansas tax credit for the damaged car

It is no secret that Arkansas is famous for extreme weather conditions. Therefore, if you pay taxes in Arkansas and your new or not new, but you have recently purchased a vehicle seriously damaged in the result of a catastrophic event, you may be eligible for a tax credit from the state.

Credit for premarital counseling South Carolina

If you are planning to marry in South Carolina, you are eligible for a loan in the amount of $50 for consultations before marriage. You are entitled to a loan if the business is a certified priest and you get a license to marry in the course of this year.

The tax exemption for centenarians in new Mexico

If you are over 100 years old and not claimed as a dependent you are exempt from paying taxes in new Mexico.

Non-taxable goods and services in new Jersey

When you make a purchase in the state of new Jersey, you will have to pay state sales tax in the amount of 6.625%. Of course, if the things that you buy are not included in the state list of non-taxable goods and services. Such things as clothing, real estate and products included in the list of items that are not subject to sales tax in new Jersey.

The “bachelor tax” in Missouri

If you are a single guy aged 21 to 50 years residing in Missouri, the state will charge you $ 1 a year in taxes just because you are single. It’s an old law, which has not changed since the 19th century.

This article is relevant to the tax year-2019 (tax returns filed in the year 2020).




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