The focus invincible: Americans of Russian accurately determine during a call

“Americans almost always accurately determine the Russian people, after talking with him for a short period of time. And very good knowledge of the English of our compatriots, as a rule, quickly enough “reveal” themselves in these or those words,” writes the author of the blog Made in USA “Yandex.Zen”.

Акцент непобедим: как американцы безошибочно определяют русских во время разговора

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Hereinafter in the first person.

Why can’t you learn to speak like native speakers

Many Russians spend a lot of effort to get rid of my accent, but it turns out they have it bad enough. The fact is that this important element of our speech is formed on average about six years. At this point, we already well know how to speak their language and are native speakers.

At the same time to learn also good to speak some other language only those who are called bilingual. They since the childhood are brought up in families with two languages, which often happens in international marriages. This allows them to have fluency in both languages and to be their media.

The emphasis is not to remove almost any way

Under Russian language in humans with age, formed the vocal apparatus — properly developing the muscles of the jaw. It is quite natural that when talking in English, it does not remove it.

Of course, you can deal with a tutor to talk much cleaner, but still will slip in something that immediately will give you a foreigner.

As they say in American Russian

First and foremost, Americans “firing” us by what we mostly use British English, as we are taught almost everywhere. And even owning a great British option we can is banal not to understand that the us speaks American.

In turn, the Americans know our hard accent when we place emphasis on the consonants. We just can’t talk so softly and so widely opening the mouth, as the Americans. Well, if I study, it is still spoken is Chicago Chicago, or San Francisco, although in American speech of the letter “C” at all.

Why it’s not scary

The fact is that the Americans constantly hear some kind of different from their pronunciation in English, because people in the United States come from all over the world. So the Russians, and anyone else, will not experience any unpleasant moments, related to language. Therefore, try by all means to win the accent to speak exactly like Americans, just not worth it.

On the other hand, if in Russia we see the same American who more or less fluently speaks Russian, that person immediately becomes a local celebrity. In the U.S., you will not be distinguished for their knowledge of the language, as it is considered commonplace.

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