The Fonds FTQ and Investissement Québec focus on the construction sector

The Fonds FTQ and Investissement Québec are betting on the construction sector< /p> UPDATE DAY

The Fonds de solidarité FTQ and Investissement Québec announced on Tuesday an equal investment in EBC, a leader in the province's construction sector. 

This investment, the amount of which has not been disclosed, allows the Fonds FTQ and Investissement Québec to become minority shareholders in the company.

“I am very happy to welcome these two major institutional investors who have the development of Quebec companies at heart. This support will allow us to pursue our growth and continue to actively participate in the many large-scale projects in Canada. This is a great mark of confidence in EBC and our team, which gives us the wings to take EBC even further,” said Marie-Claude Houle, President and CEO of EBC, in a press release. .

Ms. Houle is one of the few women at the head of a company in the construction sector in the country. Since taking over as CEO, revenue has grown from $100 million to more than $1 billion, the company said.

EDC was founded in 1968 and currently has over 1,600 employees in seven offices across Canada. The company has carried out some 720 projects totaling nearly $22 billion, particularly in the construction of buildings and large-scale public infrastructure (hospitals, schools, offices, bridges, roads, tunnels), and energy projects such as as hydroelectric plants, dams and wind farms, as well as in the mining sector.

“EBC is a strategic company in the construction ecosystem in Quebec and is one of the most successful construction contractors performers in Canada,” said Janie C. Béïque, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Fonds de solidarité FTQ.

“Our intervention will provide them with the leeway to participate in the achievement of a greater number of large-scale and structuring projects, which will contribute to the economic development of many of our regions,” said Guy LeBlanc, President and CEO of Investissement Québec.