The food is not to blame: what is the main cause of intestinal disorders

With a diagnosis of “irritable bowel syndrome” is familiar to about 15% of the total adult population. Scientists have managed to shed light on the causes of this disorder.

Еда не виновата: в чем основная причина расстройства кишечника

As practice shows, approximately one-fifth of adults have symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Patients always or often show symptoms of intestinal disorders such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, flatulence. But often to establish the cause, and, therefore, help the sick, does not work.

Many doctors have attributed the disorder of the intestines with food and bad habits. For example, it is proved that Smoking, stress and lack of exercise significantly increase the risk of this disorder. Also it is associated with dysbiosis and poor diet.

Episodic disorder of the intestine may be, for example, when eating stale food or those that cause intolerance. The same symptoms can be after a meal with lots of fatty foods or fiber.

Scientists from the American research center Beth Israel Medical Center came to the conclusion that the presence of obesity increases the risk of bowel disorders 60%. And it does not depend on power or other factors. That is, the complete man who smokes and eats properly, will almost certainly face a bowel disorder – too many factors speak in favor of this.

According to experts, this may be due to the fact that excess weight increases the overall level of inflammation in the body, including in the gut.