The foods that experts advise not to re-heat

Experts in the field of food indicated the foods that should not be reheated again, because they formed an unwanted and dangerous components. Their advice was published by Food Science.

Продукты, которые специалисты не советуют разогревать повторно

Re-heating some of the dishes could be hazardous to health, experts say. First and foremost, they do not advise you to heat the eggs after they were cooked. Re-heat treatment of the product may contribute to the formation of toxins acting on the body as carcinogens.

Meat is also not recommended to warm up again. After repeated heat treatment, it loses the healthy proteins, and as a result, its use can cause a disruption in metabolism, flatulence, heaviness in the stomach, and other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Other protein foods – chicken and mushrooms – according to experts, too, do not have to go through re-heating. To prepare mushroom dishes they advised with the expectation for a single use, and once cooked the chicken is to use it cold for salads and snacks.

Green vegetables after re-heating can be dangerous, experts say. They contain a lot of minerals and iron, which, when once heated, can provoke the formation of hazardous substances, up to the carcinogens.

Among other products that the experts recommend not to reheat, potatoes, beets. In the beet after another heat treatment destroys all the nutrients and potatoes can form substances that cause nausea, or food poisoning.