The footage of the old American movie I spotted a UFO

На кадрах старого американского фильма заметили НЛО

A UFO was discovered on the frame of an old film made in the US by Director John Ford. A movie called “Rio Grande” tells the story of cowboys and Indians.

As informs portal news of the planet, the shooting took place in the pavilion and on nature.

This was mountainous terrain, most likely in Nevada or Arizona.

The video clearly showed two white UFOs which circled, and then disappeared from view.

“The objects filmed out of focus, so to say that this is exactly the UFO makes no sense. You can consider just two strange objects that have the shape of a ball. But they move in a circle and slowly enough, and then disappear from view at the top. Accordingly, it can be a bird or a plane,” says the source.

Not all Internet users believe that the footage of the old American movie – the alien ships. Some have suggested that this effect can give the shooting equipment, but many believe in extraterrestrial origin of strange objects.