The football season in Europe will lose relevance if it does not resume by the end of June, UEFA President

Футбольный сезон в Европе потеряет актуальность, если его не возобновить к концу июня, - президент УЕФА

Aleksander Ceferin, Founder

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin, founder announced plans for the resumption of the football season in Europe, including completing matches of the national Championships.

In connection with the pandemic coronavirus almost all European leagues have been suspended. Also was suspended indefinitely and the draws of the Champions League and Europa League.

“Nobody knows when the pandemic will end. We have a plan A, B and C: to resume the season in mid-may, June or end of June. If we are not able to resume the season by the end of June, it will most likely be lost”, – quotes Sky Sports Ceferin.

“But there is also a chance that we will finish this season in the beginning of the next, and it will move and start a little late. We are in contact with the European leagues, clubs, we have a working group, so we have to make the best decision.

As for the final matches of the Champions League and Europa League, it is hard to imagine these games without fans in the stadiums. Although now we are not even willing to say, will be whether these matches at all. If there are no alternatives, it is better to finish the season in the European Cup ahead of schedule”, – said the head of UEFA.