The football team of Belgium in the match of Euro 2020 against the Russians were in a t-shirt with the name of another player (photo)

Футболист сборной Бельгии в матче Евро-2020 против россиян выступал в футболке с фамилией другого игрока (фото)

Misha Batchwise, it’s Dadric of Boyat

On the eve of the bronze prize-winner of last world Championship – the Belgian team easily defeated in St. Petersburg the Russians in the match of UEFA Euro 2020 4:1.

Funny episode happened in the second 45-minute period.

In the second half the defender “red devils” of the Boyat Dedric came out in a t-shirt of his teammate Misha Batchwise.

In this shirt with the wrong number and name the player “Hertha” played 11 minutes, then still the error is noticed and the 28-year-old player put on his shirt.