The football team of Germany, by breaking quarantine, got into an accident on one of the highways

Футболист сборной Германии, нарушив карантин, попал в аварию на одном из автобанов

Jerome Boateng on the “Oktoberfest-2019”

Defender “Bavaria” and German national team Jerome Boateng, lost control on a slippery road, got in an accident on one of the autobahns near Munich.

Car 31-the summer native of West Berlin crashed into the barrier during a snowfall.

It is noted that the player’s car was equipped with summer tires. Boateng himself was not injured, but his vehicle was damaged on 25 thousand euros.

Today the German championship is temporarily suspended due to a pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. Today, the Bundesliga clubs have postponed the resumption of the season until April 30.

According in Germany, on 1 April 72 recorded 383 cases of human infection with coronaviruses, of which 788 have led to death.

Add that Germany is not planning for a speedy end or weakening of existing restrictions to fight the coronavirus.