The football team of Italy echoed the national record of 80 years ago

Футболисты сборной Италии повторили национальный рекорд 80-летней давности


The Italian national team after the victory against Liechtenstein (5:0) in the qualifying match of Euro 2020, repeated a national record of nine consecutive victories in all competitions.

The last time “the Azure team” were able to do that series back in 1939 when the team was led by Vittorio Pozzo.

In “our era” the last time the Italians failed to win a match in November last year when they played a draw with Portugal (0:0) in the match of group round of League of Nations.

November 15 wards Roberto Mancini will have the opportunity to break the record of the team Pozzo, when, in the penultimate round of the group stage Euro 2020 Italians will play on the road with the Bosnians.

Italy with a maximum capacity of eight wins in advance to book their place in the finals of the European championship.