The football team of Ukraine told about the first training in Italy in the context of pandemic coronavirus

Футболист сборной Украины рассказал о первых тренировках в Италии в условиях пандемии коронавируса

Ruslan Malinovskiy

27-year-old midfielder “Atalanta” and the national team of Ukraine Ruslan Malinovsky told about peculiarities of training at the club during a pandemic coronavirus disease COVID-19.

“Training groups. We gather for six people. The field is divided into six parts, so no one overlaps. Each player has two goals, we don’t change. Everything is carefully disinfected, this is strictly monitored. On the basis of we will not go. Even in the shower. Arrived, on the street, changed clothes, left on the field. No massage – all contact is prohibited. Each of the two sets of forms, we’re all erasable. Each has its own water. In fact, you work alone, only the team that you control. When there is cross-country work, the six is divided into two parts, and the three of us, at a distance from each other, running around the field. Everything is very strict and organized way”, – quoted Ruslan

The Ukrainian said that the shots on goal, including a penalty, while, work is prohibited.

“No, on target so far no one has. We have a special stretched grid. Beat it – work out the transfer, acquisition, change of direction and so on. Gear between them yet. Again, we are forbidden to share the goals,” – said Malinowski.

We will remind, last week the Italian government allowed the representatives of team kinds of sports to resume training on may 4.