The former first racket of the world suddenly withdrew from the final tournament (photo)

Бывшая первая ракетка мира неожиданно снялась с итогового турнира (фото)

The Japanese player, Naomi Osaka, occupying third place in world tennis ranking, stopped the performance at the final tournament in the Chinese Shenzhen, with a prize Fund of $ 14 million.

Ex-first racket of the world was forced to withdraw due to shoulder problems. Despite the damage, the Japanese managed to hold one match in Shenzhen, defeating Czech Petra Kvitova— 7:6 (1), 4:6, 6:4.

I’m not an expert on the first circles. I need time to swing. But this tournament forces you to play well. People close to me, my fans know that I was thrown from one extreme to another. I’m either so calm that I won’t care, or terribly antsy and experiencing all the emotions at once. I need it to steer and try on the court to be calm. It is very difficult, because I put tennis in a very long time, so this kind of thing in respect of which keep calm it’s hard for me, “said Osaka after the start of the match.

While Naomi also complained about how uncomfortable her to work under the guidance of his father, Leonardo, françois. “He annoys me. Oh, my God! You heard how he talked to me in court? Can’t believe it. He runs from the bench and says “Be quiet”. That’s all. He says nothing about tactics. I was just pissed. I don’t think father likes to watch my game on the court. Everyone knows that usually he just walks around and occasionally looks at the screen. It allows me to play how I like. But I need structure, “said the Japanese.

Бывшая первая ракетка мира неожиданно снялась с итогового турнира (фото)The relationship with the coach-father at Osaka went wrong

Now Osaka will replace the tournament of Bertens Kiki from the Netherlands (10th), which will play the remaining matches in the red group with the first racket of the world Australian Ashleigh Barty and Swiss Belinda Bencic (7-I).


Photo By Jimmie 48

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