The former “Friends” star Matthew Perry showed his dance in the style of the Joker

The former “Friends” star Matthew Perry on his Twitter page showed his dance in the style of the Joker. In the publication of a fictional character of the famous TV series all over the world Chandler Muriel Bing is making a similar movement, and Joaquin Phoenix.

Звезда «Друзей» Метью Перри показал свой танец в стиле Джокера

The film “Joker” 2019 gained immense popularity, claiming an Oscar in 2020. It is not surprising that the picture became the highest-grossing rated R, crossing the threshold in 1,084 billion dollars in world hire. At this wave, 50-year-old canadian-American actor and screenwriter Matthew Perry couldn’t resist adding meme on his Twitter page, having Parallels with the dance character of Arthur Fleck.

In a memorable scene in “Friends” from the fourth season Chandler explains to Rachel that he doesn’t dance at weddings, because such celebrations is a great place for picking up women, and when he does it, it looks like this, and then demonstrates the appropriate motion. At that time, as a cult dance the Joker down the stairs of the Bronx a little different meme gives a convincing argument that the character could be a source of inspiration for the Phoenix. Matthew Perry also acknowledged that he was not the original Creator of the image.

It should be noted that fans of “Friends” pointed even more funny similarities between the series and the film “Joker”, which proves once again the enormous popularity of the hero of Joaquin Phoenix.