The forward of “Chelsea” may face imprisonment for non-payment of alimony

Форварду "Челси" грозит тюремный срок из-за неуплаты алиментов

Misha Batchwise

Striker London “Chelsea” and the national team of Belgium Misha Batchwise got into an unfortunate situation of litigation, reports The Sun.

Ex-girlfriend 26-year-old Gitte van Der Elst sued due to the fact that Batchwise periodically late with the alimony, but twice and did not remit.

The child support amount is 2.4 million euros, the newspaper notes.

The fact that Gitte has a three year old daughter Batchwise, which, by the way, the Belgian had not previously recognized their home.

Форварду "Челси" грозит тюремный срок из-за неуплаты алиментов

The court, in turn, Misha decided to pay the alimony on the maintenance of the child.

We will add that in the framework of the Belgian legislation with the forward of “Chelsea” is threatened by restriction of liberty for up to six months and a fine.