The founder of Cirque du Soleil guy Laliberte was detained on suspicion of trafficking in marijuana (PHOTO)

Основателя Cirque du Soleil Ги Лалиберте задержали по подозрению в торговле марихуаной (ФОТО)

Canadian businessman, founder of Cirque du Soleil billionaire guy Laliberte was detained half price in French Polynesia on suspicion of selling marijuana. His company Lune Rouge confirmed the arrest.

At present the businessman is in Tahiti custody. According to the gendarmerie, he had grown marijuana in a private residence in French Polynesia.

Laliberte himself denies that he sold marijuana, he said he uses it solely for medical purposes. His company also has announced a partnership with the local authorities in the investigation.

According to the gendarmerie, drugs Laliberte had to sell another employee. Most businessman now 59 years, Cirque du Soleil he founded in 1984, but in 2015, it left only 10% of the shares, selling most of the American and Chinese investment companies. Lune Rouge company he founded later, in 2017. It deals with art, technology and entertainment. Now Forbes as Laliberte at $1 billion.