The four most obvious symptom of cancer, which cannot be tolerated

According to the who, approximately a quarter of the population of the planet in this or that period of life is threatened by cancer.

Четыре самых очевидных симптома рака, которые нельзя терпеть

Doctors from the centre for cancer prevention called the symptoms, detection of which is necessary to address urgently to the doctor, as they may be indicative of cancer, and, in a serious manner.

Physicians noted that cancerous tumors often develop without any symptoms up to a point. But the worst is not even that, and the fact that many patients for a long time, suffer the symptoms, blaming them on some other factors. The result is a high risk that the diagnosis will be delivered too late.

The reason for going to the doctor should be recurring pain in any area of the body that is not associated with already diagnosed you with the disease. It seems that pain is a clear indication of problems in the body, but as practice shows, patients can endure until then, until it becomes unbearable.

Unexplained weight loss is a symptom of cancer. If your lifestyle and diet has not changed recently, but you were rapidly losing weight, you need to consult a doctor.

Cancer may indicate bleeding. Especially you need to be wary if you notice blood in the urine or stool, and in women the disturbing signal is also a bloody discharge from the vagina outside of menstruation.

Any lumps, growths and new moles on the body it is better to show the doctor. Especially if they rapidly increase in size.