The four signs of the Zodiac, which is not recommended to marry


Четыре знака Зодиака, которым не рекомендуется вступать в брак

Representatives of different Zodiac signs have different attitudes to marriage. One for your life time to go there more than once, second and remain without marriage. Pisces and Taurus really want family life, but long and tedious to decide about marriage. Astrologers have called the four signs, which do not seek to create a family and each of them is have their own reasons, about which you will learn after reading this article.

Aries. This is perhaps the most complex sign available. Its representatives possess a heavy character, doing everything as they see fit, spit on the opinions of others. In short, the life of an Aries does whatever he pleases. No concessions on his part in the marriage Union you will not wait. Even, do not rely on it in my sleep. After the conclusion of the marriage bond, the Rams begin to worry about loss of personal freedom and submission to some rules. It is contrary to their life principle. Aries love only themselves and think the universe should revolve only around them. This is necessary to you?

Gemini. The representatives of this sign have many advantages. In particular, they are sociable, what attracts them to other people. However, do not rush to marry with the Twins. Look closely and you will see that if the case goes to the wedding, they feel insecure and behave indecisively. But with casual Dating Gemini feel professional. They are not worried about a major decision because I consider casual Dating is superficial. Gemini feel anxiety when they realize that the partner has gotten very close to them. Then they first can out of the relationship without explanation to their partner. Do I need to build this before a serious relationship?

Sagittarius. Born under the sign of Sagittarius, well you feel all alone. Also suitable group of friends, where he feels “at ease”. When it comes to any love relationship, some Sagittarians prefer light and without obligation. This sign is also afraid to lose freedom and be tied down to someone. If you want a serious relationship with a representative of this sign, which can develop into a marriage, it is not necessary to push, push and push. He must be sure that you are his fate. Otherwise, Archers may disappear forever from your life. Do you have the patience to convince the archers that marriage is not so scary?

Aquarius. Representatives of this sign need to be careful. They are not against friendship, a spiritual connection with you, but for a serious relationship are extremely careful. This sign may be psyching yourself out as it will not make all the other characters. The term of your friendship do not play a role if the Aquarius will become suspicious. He quickly retreats, leaving you guessing why it all happened. The main thing in relations with the representatives of this sign is not to allow them to manage relationships, otherwise they will come to a standstill. Take matters into your own hands, but all the steps are well ponder. Small chances of marriage with Aquarius you have only if you will be able to correctly place accents in your relationship.