The four simple tips to normalize blood pressure

According to Dr. Gentry, prevention of hypertension is available to everyone: just follow the simple guidelines.

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Dr. Yawarat of Gantry — expert International hospital Bumrungrad, located in Thailand and is one of the recognized world leaders in the treatment of heart disease. The doctor noted that the prevention of hypertension should be conducted without any connection with any symptoms, because their clarity is a sign of an already running process. Hypertension often occurs without any unpleasant symptoms, and its impact on the body may one day be too heavy – for example, they can be a heart attack.

What are the main principles you should follow to prevent hypertension? Scientist have identified four of them.

Less salt

Salt retains fluid in the body and allows it to circulate normally, thus increasing the pressure on the blood vessels. The abundance of salt different finished or semi-finished products. According to Dr. Avarta of Gantry, it is better to abandon the use of canned food, sandwiches, frozen pizza, chilled semi-finished products from meat and poultry and other similar products.

More potassium

It activates the blood flow – in this respect he is the antagonist of salt. To protect from hypertension, you need to add to the diet the following sources of potassium: bananas, apricots, avocado, orange and tomato juices, tuna, potatoes, broccoli, spinach and other leafy vegetables.

Control of alcohol consumption

Hypertension is closely linked not only with the content of salt in the body and vascular tone, but also with the volume of incoming fluid. Their alcoholic drinks are usually consumed large quantities of beer. While it is often accompanied by salty snacks that loads the cardiovascular system of additional amounts of liquid, holding it in the tissues. Thus a strong blow receives not only the liver, but also blood vessels, urinary system, heart. Try living without alcoholic drinks 30 days and then compare the feeling.


A sedentary lifestyle is a direct way to the emergence of hypertension. high blood pressure. Exercise and activity play the main role in the prevention of hypertension.

The expert notes that its prevention is not necessary to sweat in the gym – enough for 30 minutes of moderate exertion a day, even in the form of a simple walk.