The French authorities require Airbus to cut workers

Власти Франции требуют от Airbus не сокращать работников

Many of the already produced AirBus is not delivered to airlines that do not accept them due to the closure of air links

Dismissal is only possible on a voluntary basis with compensation, said the Minister of economy of France.

The leadership of the European aviakontserna Airbus must find ways to avoid forced reduction of thousands of jobs. On Thursday, July 9, said the Junior Minister of economy of France Agnes Annie-Ranchero.

“There should be no compulsory lay-offs. This means that everyone should have the opportunity to choose and get help, that’s our line,” she said.

Similar statements previously made by the trade unions in France and Germany, where the company has the largest plants. Protests against the plan of job cuts Airbus took place in Toulouse on 8 July.

As earlier reported, the Airbus CEO Guillaume Fori announced plans to lay off up to 15 thousand because of the coronavirus pandemic, which led to a decline in production.