The French foreign Ministry confirmed the arrest in Iran scientist Roland Marsala (PHOTO)

МИД Франции подтвердил задержание в Иране ученого Ролана Маршаля (ФОТО)

The official representative of the French foreign Ministry confirmed Wednesday the detention by Iranian authorities, the French researcher Roland Marsala. The answer of the representative of the diplomatic corps posted on the Ministry’s website. It is also quoted by TASS.

“We confirm that Roland Marchal is currently the situation of the detained Iranian authorities,” the statement said. It is emphasized in connection with coming to the Ministry of criticism from the public are not active actions that “the foreign Ministry made every effort to release [Marsala] as soon as was informed about the situation”. “Similarly, the Agency acted and when receiving information about the detention of a French scientist Fariba’s Adela,” said the spokesman.

“The foreign Ministry took measures to ensure that all interventions in this regard have been taken immediately to get the Iranian authorities information regarding the situation of these people, and also the information needed for their release”, – assured the foreign Ministry. In particular, a request was made to ensure consular protection Marsala. The Consul of France has visited the detainee, who had been granted the assistance of counsel.

France confirmed its intention to ensure that “the Iranian authorities have demonstrated a transparent approach to this case and immediately put an end to this unacceptable situation.” “The French authorities are fully mobilized in connection with this problem and will do so until the release of two of their fellow citizens”, – stressed the foreign Ministry.

On Wednesday, the French Fund analysis of political communities (Fasapo) said in a statement that Iranian authorities detained in June of this year and was in the custody of an employee of the Paris Institute of political studies Roland Marsala. According to the French government radio station RFI (Radio France Internationale), Marchal was arrested by the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps, immediately on arrival at the Tehran airport. According to the newspaper Le Figaro, Marchal is an expert on the Sahel and the horn of Africa. He also periodically worked for the French news channel France 24, making him the stories.

A few months ago it became known that in June, Iran had detained 60-year-old Fariba Adela with French and Iranian nationality. She is a scientist-an anthropologist, a specialist on Islam and a fellow at the Center for international studies (CERI).

According to French media reports, Edelihu accused of spying. Friends and relatives of the female scientist are convinced that the Iranian authorities are effectively holding her hostage to put pressure on France, who took on the role of a mediator in the talks between Tehran and Washington on the nuclear deal.

According to the newspaper Le Figaro, Iranian foreign Minister almost does not respond to forwarded requests of French diplomats, concerning the detention of Delhi, considering it interference in the internal Affairs of the country. Consular access to the woman denied, as Iranian law does not recognize dual citizenship. However, Iran’s foreign Ministry on July 16 confirmed that Adela was arrested.

The third foreign scholar detained in Iran, is a British-Iranian anthropologist, a native of Kurdistan Kamil Ahmadi. He was taken into custody August 11, said his wife, a political scientist Shafag Rahmani.

Ahmadi, among other things, investigated the cases of female circumcision and child marriage in Iran. Prior to the publication in 2015 of the work on the first issue, which went 4 interview, Iran was not known as a state where female genital mutilation genitals are massive. Recent studies Ahmadi was dedicated to the Iranian LGBT community and ethnicity. According to LinkedIn, Ahmadi graduated from several prestigious British universities, including London school of Economics and political science.

Scientist 25 years ago received British citizenship, but the last 15 years living in Iran. The authorities of the Islamic Republic does not recognize dual citizenship, and the number of detained foreigners is not known.