The French magazine Le Point flatly refused to change the article where Erdogan filed a complaint to the Turkish Prosecutor’s office (PHOTOS)

Chief editor of the French magazine Le Point Etienne Jernell said that in the material from which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has filed a lawsuit against the publication, will not be removed nor words, reports TASS.

The subject of the proceedings was the article about Turkey’s policy towards the Kurds was published on 24 October. In its statement, Gernel noted that “this article describes in detail about operation of ethnic cleansing of Syrian Kurds”.

“It refers to extortion, expulsion of the population”, – he stressed. “It is logical that Erdogan doesn’t like it. Obviously, we do not remove any words from the text that we wrote”, – reads the statement of Gernes, published Friday on the magazine’s website.

“In may 2018 Erdogan publicly threatened our publication. In France Billboard Le Point were thwarted by his supporters, and coffee kiosks are, in turn received threats,” said Jarnel.

“Erdoğan has jailed many journalists in Turkey and perhaps he believes that his attraction to the censorship applies to countries where the press is free. But he will be disappointed: we didn’t give” – said the chief editor.

According to the channel Haber Turk, on behalf of the Turkish President to the Prosecutor General of Ankara Erdogan’s lawyers filed a complaint on violations of French journalists articles of the criminal code “insulting the President.” Respondents indicated the chief editor and author Roman Huber.

Earlier official representative of the Turkish leader Ibrahim Kalin has rejected the charges of the French edition, which “disseminates defamatory statements about ethnic cleansing.”