The freshness of live wreaths and bouquets depends on this trick. You need a match

All Souls' Day is coming soon, so many of us are making preparations.

The freshness of the living wreaths and bouquet depends on this trick. You'll need a match

Candles and artificial flower wreaths, as well as compositions for November 1st , appeared in supermarkets a long time ago.

Although the matter can be solved much faster by buying wreaths and centerpieces for the graves of our loved ones, made of artificial plants, many of us choose simple compositions made of a bouquet of living flowers placed in decorative vases.

How to extend the life of bouquets and wreaths for All Saints?

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Every year and on every other day of visiting relatives at the cemetery, the problem is that the flowers quickly wither and fade away. It doesn't look nice and the tombstone is perceived by others as neglected.

There are ways to keep the flowers fresh for much longer. When buying flowers in a pot, it is worth choosing specimens whose buds are not yet developed. This will allow us to buy the flower a little earlier than the day before All Saints' Day.

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For cut flower , make sure that the stems are trimmed diagonally and the leaves are above the waterline. It is good to stick a match into the stalk in the place of the cut, and more specifically the sulfur on it, which is a good fungus substance.

Probably many of us have seen our mother or grandmother stick into a stalk cut obliquely. he grows the match “head” towards the center. This method has been used for years, so we have a guarantee that it will also serve us in efforts to extend the life of cut flowers.

By creating a composition of live plants, such as pine, flowers, boxwood or rowan, collected in It is worth wrapping the stalk tuft with a damp cloth to extend the life of the plants. If possible, keep wreaths and reeds cool so that the needles and petals do not fall off.