The gas market will not change the pricing principle “hub plus shipping” — regional gas

Рынок газа не изменит принцип ценообразования «хаб плюс доставка» — облгаз

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The launch of the gas market again postponed

The Cabinet has postponed the launch of the gas market until August. After the transition the cost of fuel will continue to depend on European hub prices and the cost of delivery.

After the launch of the natural gas market pricing will not change, said the Director of Ternopilgaz Julia Demchik, writes Columnist.

She assured that the price as before will include the cost of gas to the European hub and the cost of delivery

“The formula will be based on the European hub plus shipping, it is still such a binding will, but it will depend on the season, winter, summer, from the volumes which are purchased for a year or for a specific period of time,” said Demchik.

Recall that in anarkali approved a new pricing formula gazalla of the population, linking it to the value of the resource at the Dutch hub TTF.

But before it was decided to postpone for another magazinehot on the market price of gas for the population.