The girl Viktor Pavlik told about a long-term intimate problem

The girl Viktor Pavlik Catherine Repacholi spoke about the illnesses she suffered for six years.

Девушка Виктора Павлика рассказала о многолетней интимной проблеме

Young fiancee of Victor Pavlik, for which he left his wife and children actively engaged in your blog. 25-year-old girl is not afraid to raise sensitive topics and am happy to share with customers their experience and opinion.

Catherine Repyakhov told about a long-term intimate problem, which is common in young girls and women very often.

As it turned out, Catherine Repyakhov suffered from cystitis for the last six years. This disease is so tortured her that she decided to go to the doctors. In Ukraine to carry out a special operation refused.

According to Katya, she even went to Russia to she underwent a cystoscopy, but fell into unscrupulous doctor, who offered her to make a plastic urethra for $ 10,000. Of course, the girl did not agree. But I thought that the only solution to her situation to get rid of the problem, which has prevented her from enjoying life.

“If you have the same problem, look for opportunities to do cystoscopy, ultrasound of the bladder, kidneys,” — advised the choice of Viktor Pavlik

The girl accidentally came to Germany and decided to take advice from a local doctor. As it turned out, with the bladder, the urethra are all well. It doesn’t even have any indication to do a cystoscopy. Moreover, she such a procedure is contraindicated. The problem Rajahovi decided the usual German inoculation.

“5 months I live in new ways, rather, I just live and not suffer,” said Kate.