The girl was born and became a sensation. She was compared to Einstein because of the hairstyle. What happened

A girl from Australia, compared to Dr. Brown and Einstein, professes her unique style, which is caused by a rare condition called unkempt hair syndrome.

 The girl was born and became a sensation. She was introduced to Einstein because of her hairstyle. What happened

When this little girl from Melbourne, Australia named Shilah was born, her parents saw nothing unusual about the structure of her hair. They were soft and brown, just like her older brother Taelan's.

Nosy people had no qualms

But after a few months, they started to grow “straight and did not flatten”, her mum Celeste Calvert-Yin reported some time ago in the media. & ldquo; Others began to judge, which made us even more insightful, for what reason and what was happening & rdquo; & ndash; Calvert-Yin said. & ldquo; What's wrong with her hair? & rdquo; It was overwhelming and quite rude at times, but I'm sure they were just heartless ignorant & rdquo; it looks like she has put her finger in the socket. As if that were not enough, people asked if they could touch her hair, which irritated her parent a lot.

My mother said that such behavior was not fair, especially since it was only a small child, and they themselves did not touch other people's children. There were also times when strangers took pictures of the couple's child without their permission, then pretending that the photo did not work or they did not crop their daughters at all.

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Over time, the parents of the exceptional girl concluded that her unusual hair must be genetic, and explained to curious people that their daughter had received the blessing of exceptional hair in order to be noticed.

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Today Shilah is 12 years old and she is a beautiful, smart girl. As it turns out, she suffers from the rare syndrome of so-called uncut hair. Through her Instagram profile, the girl shares her daily life and ordinary activities.

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