The girl’s reflection in the glass felt a Ghost

Отражение девушки в стекле посчитали призраком

An optical illusion suggests that the picture is not the reflection, and the Ghost sitting in the chair.

The Network is gaining popularity is the photo of “Ghost” girls. The picture was published by the wearer under the name ScummyMoney on the platform Reddit, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

The photo shows a translucent silhouette of a girl sitting in the chair. She is dressed in a white jacket, leggings and sneakers, and holding hands in front of him.

The author explained that she sits in front of the glass. The chair in the other room coincided with her reflection and the impression that it “sits” on it.

Many users noted that photo really scares them. And one of the users said “would have done in his pants” passing by this glass.

Just a day photo collected more than 103 thousand likes and over a thousand comments.