The global crisis 2020: Coronavirus brought down the financial markets

In connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus worldwide, global economic growth may become significantly slower, according to “Channel 24”, with a link to Market Insider.

Мировой кризис 2020: Коронавирус обрушил финансовые рынки

According to the forecasts of growth in global GDP, U.S. Bank in 2020 indicated the lowest rate in 2009 is 2.8%. This is the first time it fell to below 3% after the financial crisis of 2007-2008.

According to a leading economist of the American Bank Aditya God bhava impulses GDP growth was mitigated even before the spread of the epidemic, a rigid quarantine of China in these conditions led to lower growth.

The GDP of China was reduced to the epidemic from 5.6% to 5%, 2%, but after the spread of the virus Bank of America expects zero growth rate and a fairly long recovery of all parameters after.

Such a disappointing forecast for China can also play a negative role for the world economy as a whole. However, according to experts, this will not entail new financial crisis and the emergence of a pandemic.