The global economic crisis put a new record

Global pandemic coronavirus infection threatens the world economy even more serious collapse than the one that happened in 2009, said the head of the International Monetary Fund Kristalina Georgieva.

Мировой экономический кризис поставит новый антирекорд

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Such a threat demands an unprecedented response to the ministries of Finance of the countries of the so-called “Big twenty”, which are obliged to consolidate efforts in the fight against a common threat. Georgieva made a call to leaders of the advanced economies to provide maximum support to those countries in which the income of the local population remains low. Also the head of the IMF said that the organization is ready “to use all of the credit capacity of $ 1 trillion” in order to minimize losses of the world economy.

According to forecasts, voiced by Georgieva, no growth of the world economy in 2020 is not expected. Moreover, it is necessary to take a range of measures to try to stabilize the situation by next year. Already, the Outlook for the year remains negative: “the recession will be the same as during the global financial crisis, or worse.”

Currently a global pandemic of mers continues to grow exponentially every day around the world, an increasing number of infected people. The majority of the world States has closed its borders, isolating citizens for a minimum two week quarantine. Production cost, barter has almost disappeared, which only exacerbates the global economic crisis. Margin, even in the transatlantic corporations is not sufficient in order to survive in such conditions for too long. Victory over coronavirus infection has become a priority for humanity, otherwise the economic situation on the planet changed significantly.