The glory of DeAngelo tried an unusual way

Glory Kaminskaya many know as the “redhead from DeAngelo” because of her long red hair — a distinctive feature and pride of the singer. The actress has recently finished a massive tour with the group to Ukraine with new album “13” and tries a little more time to spend with his children — a son Leonard and daughter Laura.

Слава из НеАнгелов примерила необычный образ

By the way, the baby becomes more and more like his famous mom! But in a new photo in his Instagram Glory appeared in a very unexpected manner.

The singer dramatically changed his image and was a brunette with short hair caret and cropped bangs. Edgy and unusual bow sunglasses and delicate makeup. Of course, it’s just a wig — but it looks very impressive and bright!

“Haipai until the young boy”, — mysteriously signed frame Kaminska.

In the comments some fans of the actress assumed it was a response to a new interview, the ex-husband of Fame Edgar Kaminsky, in which he described the reason for their divorce, the spouses desire to constantly improve yourself.

They also left in awe of such a transformation of his favorite and called it cosmic girl.

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