The glory of “DeAngelo” without makeup didn’t recognize the guard

Member of the group “Neangely” Glory Kaminska, who recently lit up the chest in a white t-shirt, spoke about the curious incident with the guard, says “social life”.

Славу из «Неангелов» без макияжа не узнал охранник

Singer, the voice and the manner which it is impossible to confuse with anyone, didn’t recognize the guard without stage makeup. Star could not get into his dressing room.

“Recently, I was not allowed in the dressing room. The security guard was and said, “You where?” – said a celebrity. In response to Slava Kaminsky had to explain who she is and what she does.

In addition, Thank admitted, would to her children sang. The star noted that he did not mind if they will play musical instruments. But he didn’t want the children sang.

“Musical instruments – Yes, sing – ever. Leonard needs to do some man’s job, while performing on stage. Laura sings very well, but no!” – confessed celebrity.