The GM plant in Oshawa will resume production of cars (PHOTOS)

Завод GM в Ошаве возобновит производство автомобилей (ФОТО)

General Motors returns workers at its Assembly plant in Oshawa after the Union of workers of car industry (United Auto Workers, UAW) in the United States reached a tentative agreement earlier this week.

Press Secretary of GM Canada Jennifer Wright reported that on Friday, the company informed about the launch pipeline of about 2,000 laid-off workers in Oshawa and will resume production of cars.

But despite the resumption of production, the UAW leadership decided on Thursday to end the strike as long as approximately 49000 members will not vote for an agreement that will not happen before the end of next week.

The strike has forced GM to close the plant in Oshawa and reduce production at plant in St.Catharines due to the lack of parts coming from the US, but according to Wright, now enough parts to resume in Oshawa.

At the plant in St. Catharines production is still limited, while running only one-third of workers with an hourly wage, the number of which in normal mode is about 1100 people.

The strike, lasting a month, has also led to layoffs in numerous companies in Ontario that provide equipment and support the GM plants.