The goalkeeper “Milan” has told about symptoms of coronavirus

Вратарь "Милана" рассказал о пережитых симптомах коронавируса

Pepe Reina

Goalkeeper Milan Pepe Reina, on loan in January, “Aston Villa”, said that he had symptoms of the coronavirus.

According to the Spanish goalkeeper, who has previously defended the colors of “Liverpool”, experience in the diseases like lungs ran out of air.

“We in England strokes make only seriously ill, but in my case there was no doubt, – quotes the words of Reyna Corriere dello Sport. – Coronavirus. I was isolated after I felt the first symptoms of the virus. Fever, dry cough and headache that never left me. I was afraid when I ended up in the air for 25 minutes, as if my throat is suddenly narrowed, and the air could not pass”.

Neither Aston Villa or AC Milan has not made any official statements about getting Reina.

Pepe Reina is 37 years old.