The goalkeeper scored a goal in the hockey Champions League, not even touching the puck (video)

Вратарь забил гол в хоккейной Лиге Чемпионов, даже не коснувшись шайбы (видео)

Random hero – Niklas Svedberg

A curious episode occurred in the match of 1/8 final of the hockey Champions League between Swedish teams “Skelleftea”and “Djurgården” (3:3).

Home – hockey “skellefteå” with the score 3:2 had the puck and replaced the goalkeeper on the field player, trying to implement a delayed penalty opponents, however, in his zeal somewhat overdone.

After a shot on goal of the capital team none of the players “skellefteå” not closed “zone” and the puck without touching anyone flew across the Playground, having flown precisely in gate of owners.

Because own goals in hockey are not fixed, the authorship of the goals recorded on the goalkeeper of “djurgården” Niklas Svedberg, who is the last of the guests had touched the puck, parried her in the previous episode.

Thus, the goalkeeper became the author of the decisive goals that helped his team tie the game.