“The Golden Egg Hen”: 30 years worth celebrating!

“The Golden Egg Hen: 30 years, ça is celebrated!


In 30 years, “The Golden Egg Hen” has made more than 9,075 people happy, who have shared nearly $276 million. 

The show is back this Sunday, at 5:30 p.m., on TVA, carried by its co-hosts Sébastien Benoit and Julie Houle. Accompanied by the official voice of “La Poule”, Richard Turcotte, the duo is ready to get back on track and make people happy on their set and at home.

Every Sunday, let's remember , six participants try to get their hands on the jackpot, which is hidden in an egg in the chicken coop.

For the first, we will offer $150,000 in bonus prizes, divided into five prizes of $30,000 . And to underline the longevity of the game, a 30th anniversary bonus prize worth $30,000 can be won each time the 3 and the 0 are obtained consecutively in order to form the number 30 on the abacus, we were told. specified in a press release on Thursday.