The goods are worth or not to buy in February

The theme of Valentine’s Day prevails in shops in February, but this month you can see it is very profitable to buy not only the Teddy bears and flowers, but other, much more necessary things, writes Cheapism. Retailers are already thinking about spring and ready to remove from the shelves the products of other seasons. Presidents ‘ day also falls in February: many will be output and additional time for shopping. And don’t forget that February 2 is super bowl. This will mean that the big-screen TV can be a great deal of the month.

Товары, которые стоит и не стоит покупать в феврале

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Buy: televisions and some types of electronics

In February, retailers are trying to sell the remains of the electronics to make room for new gadgets. GPS systems, digital cameras and audio equipment will also be sold with discounts in this month. Especially look for the best deals on TVs during the week before the super bowl, scheduled for 2 February. The best discounts are on models with large screens of 50 inches and above, because nobody wants to watch the big game on a small 32-inch TV, no matter how dazzling the picture.

Always look for the most competitive prices on electronics in mass retailers, including Walmart and Target — the first two are likely to give similar discounts on popular purchases. Best Buy is also worth a look, especially to see the price of TVs. And don’t forget the clubs, the warehouses, such as Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s, especially when we are talking about discounts on big TVs before super bowl.

Buy: video games

New video games are usually released in early winter, to be able to buy a gift for the holidays. By February, however, even the newest and most popular games usually drop in price. So, if you look to popular games such as “Pokemon Sword” and “Shield Pokemon” for the Nintendo Switch or “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, now is the time to look for sales.

Discounts in this popular category will mainly be in Walmart, Target, Amazon and Best Buy. But do not forget about GameStop stores. And, to save year-round video games are often easy to get cheap if you look at the sites ads, such as eBay, Craigslist or a local group for buying, selling, exchange on Facebook.

To buy: winter clothes

Presidents day 17 Feb means big sales. Given the fact that at the same time there are sales at the end of the season, the time to buy winter clothes. Buyers will find many discounts on coats, outerwear, gloves, scarves, hats and sweaters. Accessories for colder weather especially good buy in February if your style does not change from year to year.

At Department stores such as Macy’s and Kohl’s, will be a lot of seasonal discounts. Also note the discounts in addition to existing retailers such as Gap, Lands ‘End and Eddie Bauer. Don’t forget about retailer of sporting goods such as Dick’s and stores that sell equipment, such as REI winter clothes will be discounted to clear the shelves for new acquisitions.

Do not buy spring and summer clothes

When sweaters and boots will disappear from the shop shelves, swimwear and sandals will begin to take their place. If you don’t need to buy a trip for spring break, try to wait a while. Discounts will be mediocre at best until the new clothes will be on the shelves for at least a couple of months. So wait until the real heat and the prices too will melt.

Buy: mattresses

February is a great month to buy mattresses. Like labor Day and memorial Day, and thanks to weekends, presidents Day provides an excellent opportunity to purchase a great mattress when couples will be more time for joint purchase. The real question to ask is – Is Replacement The Only Solution To A Sagging Mattress? or is there any other way to fix it?

In this competitive category you will probably see the most aggressive discounts in specialized stores such as Mattress Firm and regional networks for the production of mattresses, as well as in Department stores that sell mattresses, such as Macy’s and Sears. But don’t forget about online retailers bed-in-a-box, because you can sleep great on this , including Casper and Tuft & Needle. Discounts although they will probably not be as impressive as in conventional stores.

To buy: linen

Although the January “white sales” are traditionally the best time for the most profitable shopping in this category, sales in February also mean some great deals on bedding, towels and other accessories. This may be the best time to buy best topper for bamboo mattresses. Make time for shopping during the three-day weekend for presidents Day. It is also a good time to stock up on clothes, if the family has a student who in the fall will go to College.

Looking for offers in any store that sells bedding and Comfy Bamboo Sheets, but the best selection (and usually the best discounts) are likely to be in Department stores, including Macy’s and JCPenney. You will find the best deals from online discount stores including Overstock and Wayfair, and specialty shops, including Pottery Barn and West Elm.

Buy: romantic gifts

Disclaimer: jewelry, perfume, flowers and everything to do with romance, are in great demand ahead of Valentine’s Day, so don’t expect any discounts until February 14. Buyers will hold on to this time, likely waiting for a nice discount when the holiday will pass and demand will fall sharply. Those who are planning to buy an engagement ring may go now online to search for the perfect ring.

Товары, которые стоит и не стоит покупать в феврале

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Stores Big-Box immediately after the holidays will be discounted to offer their “Valentine”. For example, it is expected that the Target will begin with discounts of 50% on non-food goods, and soon after that, increase discounts of up to 70% and 90%. Traditional jewelry stores such as Jared, will try to sell the stock, but it will start and Department stores like Macy’s and Sears.

Buy: chocolate

Chocolate lovers can satisfy their cravings at the best prices after Valentine’s Day. Looking for discounts on expensive chocolates that rarely go on sale. Discounts will be sold as kits and ready for Valentine’s Day, as retail sellers are trying to sell festive stock. And don’t be afraid to stock up — chocolate is stored for several months in a cool dry place.

If you like chocolate out of the mass market, such as Hershey’s and the like, Walmart and Target should be your first destination after Valentine’s Day. In past years, Walmart has dropped the price by 50% on candy right after a holiday, while Target started with discounts of 30% and gradually reduced the prices. Those with more discerning taste will have the opportunity to find discounts and the more expensive brands such as Godiva.

Not to buy: items

Now is not the time to buy suitcases and other items of Luggage unless, of course, you do not have imminent flights and therefore no choice. Wait until next month when stores will be new models to customers, restocked in anticipation of the spring and summer travel. Once that happens, retailers will start to get rid of old stock with a good discount.

Buy now: tax software

With the approach of tax Day search for discounts on software for tax filing. Prices have a tendency to increase, as we approach the April deadline, so don’t wait too long. Applying early also allows you to avoid rush at the last moment and faster to get the much needed refund.

Almost every major retailer specializing in electronics, will sell TurboTax and others like him at a discount. It is unlikely that Amazon will bring down prices at the most popular programs, although at the time of publication Costco and Target match prices. Walmart signed an exclusive with H&R Block and promotes an enhanced version of their popular software Suite, which allows customers to reinstall the program within two years after purchase.

To buy: Mexican food

You may not have expected that in February there will be discounts on Mexican food, but it is. Between National Margarita day (February 22) and National day of tortilla chips (February 24) Mexican restaurants will be in search of clients.

Special offers are expected in a large number of national networks. Last year for us $2.22 you can buy a classic Margarita Bahama Breeze Island Grille, and the house Chili was offered drink specials for $5. In some places Fresh Mexican Grill Salsarita from the day of the tortilla chips were given free chips and salsa, and Taco John’s in the past gave the customers chips and cheese. Examine additional offers at your favorite local Mexican restaurants, as well as special offers on packages of tortilla chips in grocery stores.

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